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Setting up an online eCommerce business involves a lot of planning, and designing of strategies, to ensure that the products you sell reach the widest audience. The eCommerce platform you use for your website has to be designed in such a way that it is secure, easy to use, has a strong foundation and offers good performance and scalability as well. When these factors are taken care of at the beginning, the platform becomes a success and you find yourself in a position where – when your customers visit your website they are greeted by a productive and efficient way of buying products from it.

Based on the type of company you run, you could opt for distinct e-commerce strategies to spread your message using your website. In the beginning, you would focus on developing and creating the best website on the best platform. This is where Magento proves to be useful. Using this platform provides your online store with a lot of advantages. In this article we share some of the major benefits that will help you decide whether or not this platform is ideal for your e-business.

What Is Magento?

Magento is an open-source platform developed for eCommerce websites. The platform has a wide range of options for integration as well as customization. It offers expandability, scalability and flexibility. The major benefits of the Magento eCommerce platform means it is among the best eCommerce platforms available on the internet these days. Although some work and precise designing is required to get things right, the power, as well as potential offered by this platform, is unparalleled. It is great for store owners who deal with a high volume of customers and sales.

Magento offers three major variations of its core product. These variations are – Magento Open Source (non hosted free edition), Magento Enterprise Edition (flagship product with more features and support) and the Magento Commerce Cloud which is hosted by Magento on their AWS stack. You can choose a version according to your need.

The Benefits Of Using Magento For An Ecommerce Store Are Listed Below
1. Flexible Content Management System

When compared to other platforms, Magento is excellent for eCommerce. The platform has a profound and adaptable CMS. It works well for every store, whether they plan to pitch 10 items or 10 million items. Irrespective of the size and kind of e-commerce website you have, building a site using Magento is quite easy.

2. Advanced SEO

Every single owner of an eCommerce business wants their online business to rank higher on search engine results pages; and once at the top, they take all steps to ensure that their websites show on the first page of search results. This feat is unachievable without SEO. For this reason, Magento developed advanced feature for SEO that permits owners of e-businesses to improve the ranking of their product pages. The features of the platform enable you to optimize URLs, set rich snippets, develop a sitemap, canonicalize tags, optimize keywords, add ALT tags for image, etc.

3. Extensions

Magento has the largest selection of high-quality extensions in the world. Their extensions provide the ability to extend the features of a Magento store at any time. For instance, when you start an online store, you may not require a live chat extension; however, this can be added later, as and when the traffic grows. The Magento Marketplace has extensions provided in different categories, like for marketing, payments, customer support, accounting, sales, analytics, shipping, as well as for site optimization.

4. Highly Secure

In contrast to a few other eCommerce solutions that are available on the market, Magento is compliant with PA-DSS. This indicates that Magento follows not just the globally accepted security standards, they also follow the 14 vital protection criteria as well. Large businesses that sell products to customers on a global level are more worried about the safety of the payments they collect online; and they find that Magento meets their needs perfectly. It is a good choice for those firms who wish to provide their customers with secure payments options.

5. E-Commerce Store Loads Faster

Magento aims to create some of the fastest eCommerce worldwide. According to recent stats from Google, the speed related to the loading of web pages is crucial because they found that more than 50% of users abandon a page that does not load fast. Magento’s heavy-duty platform enables administrators to keep page load time at a bare minimum, even when websites receive a high volumes of traffic.

6. Hosting Options

When it comes to the use of its platform, Magento, does not force businesses to remain with the hosting that comes with this platform. Magento permits every eCommerce store to freely choose a hosting company based on their requirements. This provides online businesses with the freedom to have ownership of their own files and to select the hosting companies that they want for their website.

7. Multi-Website Options

Magento has the ability to host many websites and control them from a single back-end admin. This is one of the many features that make Magento popular. This particular feature has made Magento the best eCommerce CMS platform for business owners who operate many online stores and pages.

8. Support Related To Language And Currency

Many well-known eCommerce platforms providers do not provide, or only offer a few options for other languages and currencies. Magento, on the other hand, supports numerous international currencies, enabling online store owner to operate their online store anywhere in the world. This feature has made it quite an efficient platform for US stores as well as international stores. Magento supports a wide range of languages as well.

9. Customized Integrations

By permitting integration from 3rd parties, Magento provides more choices to customize an online store. This is an important advantage of the eCommerce platform that Magento offers. Magento enables every single store to be customized. Some basic 3rd party integrations, consisting of main web applications, additional payment gateways, etc.

10. Unlimited Options

Magento keeps abreast of current design trends, needs of online stores, and online security requirements. This platform is able to handle a lot of requests. Doing so makes Magento the best option for a large-scale business. Magento eCommerce also makes online shopping bigger, quicker and completely customizable.

11. Mobile Friendly

We are living in a mobile era and a large chunk of online shopping takes place on mobile devices. Magento offers the opportunity for websites to have a responsive design so that they can provide a seamless user experiences across different screens. The Cross-platform compatibility, cross-browser compatibility, and device form agnostic capability of Magento makes it fit for the new era.

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